Sharda Group is one of the largest private industrial and trading conglomerates in Nepal, with an annual turnover in excess of US $150 million. Since 1970, the company has been involved in a wide spectrum of industrial operations, manufacturing and trading products, ranging from industrial goods to consumer durables and non-durables.

The factors that have led the company to succeed have been its integrity, dynamism and innovation, making the group a symbol of trust and quality for over four decades in Nepal.

In everything that the group does, the measure of its performance lies in the highest international standards it has achieved, from securing and absorbing the best technologies to recruiting and training the best people at all levels of its operations. No wonder, the best professionals, highly qualified engineers and technicians possessing a spectrum of skills, man the company's day-to-day operations.

Furthermore, good quality products and services, high production capacity, prompt delivery and warm interaction with the consumers have further enhanced the reputation that the group carries. This combined with an excellent marketing network has enabled us to cover a wide market.

The group had initially set out looking to establish a name that would be synonymous with reliability, quality and sincerity. Today, the four decades of labor and toil has paid off. The desire to be the best in terms of quality and service has enabled us to enter the global market with substantial success.

Even so, the group never tires from setting new standards and adopting new ways of growing. Through the latest global technology, strategic alliances, new breakthroughs, continuous research and development work, the group has set a new industry standard in quality and service a model others benchmark to evaluate their performance.

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